2019 Memorial Day Weekend Festival - Saturday May 25th

The Town of Quantico is proud to present the 2019 Memorial Day Weekend Fireworks and Music Concert on Saturday May 25th at 7pm..

The event will be held in and around Raftelis Potomac River Park 408 River Road Quantico VA 22134.  

Questions or comments related to this event should be direct to Mayor Kevin Brown at cell/text (571) 334-3432 or

Schedule of Events:

Saturday May 25th

7:00 P.M          Music Concert – Norman Voss
9:00 P.M.         Fireworks Display - Dominion Firework LLC




Our town is rich in history; beginning in 1654 it was originally called Potomac for the river that flows along the town’s edge.   It was changed to Quantico, an Indian word meaning, “by the large stream” in 1872.  Incorporated in 1927 and chartered in 1934. The town is completely surrounded by the U.S. Marine Corps Base except for the Potomac River to the East.  According to the 2010 Census, the population of Quantico was 480.  We have a mixed population.  Retired and active duty Marines live in town among civilians.   Our town consists of 11 streets. We have a lot of visitors who tell us about the nostalgia of this small town America in the heart of urbanization.  For the retired Marines and their families who visit here each year for their reunion, it’s like coming home, bringing back old memories.

For further History and Directions Click Here to Download the Town of Quantico Brochure.

The Town of Quantico is located in Prince William County, Virginia, just 40 miles from Washington D.C. and 25 miles from the cities of Manassas and Fredericksburg.


Rules of Entry - North Gate Only - Picture I.D. - Random Screenings
There is a Marine Corps MP or sentry at the front gate as you enter Fuller Road, standing by to greet visitors. 

The Marine Corps was given exclusive jurisdiction by Virginia and the Congress to maintain and police Fuller Road when the Marine Corps acquired the land.

However, freedom of ingress and egress is maintained for the residents and visitors to the Town of Quantico.

Rules of Exit - North Gate Only
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