Municipal Office of Quantico

337 5th Avenue
Quantico, VA 22134
Walk in Hours: Mon-Friday 9-2p.m.
Phone Hours: 9-4 p.m.
Phone: 703-640-7411
Fax: 703-640-7413
Mayor - Kevin P. Brown -
Town Clerk - Linda Drew -
Treasurer - Rita Frazier -
Chief of Police - Mark McCoy

Council Members
Earlene Clinton

Robin R. Langham
Russell V. Kuhns
Otis C. Baker
Tom Davis

Town of Quantico Police Department  - In Case of an Emergency Dial 911

405 Broadway Street
Quantico, VA 22134
Main: 703-640-7500
Fax: 703-640-7475
Command Staff
Chief of Police

Town Sergeant
Patrol Officer

Emergency Services - In Case of an Emergency Dial 911

Fire Dept: 703-784-2686 Military Police: 703-784-2251 State Police: 1800-553-3144
Sentara Potomac Hospital
2300 Opitz Blvd.
Woodbridge VA 22191
Phone: 703-670-1313

Services/New Tenant Information

All payments are cash or checks only.

Vehicle Decals – Residents are required to have decals for their vehicles. $25.00 Annual fee. The license year for motor vehicle licenses shall commence on November 16 and shall expire on the following November 15 in each year. Decals are on sale in October of each year.

Parking Meters - Monday – Saturday: 9:00a.m.- 5:00p.m. 25 cents per half hour. Long term parking meters are available in the Municipal Lot.

Water Payments - Payments are due by noon on last business day of the month. Drop box is located in front of Police Station at 405 Broadway. New residents must fill out application at Municipal Office with a deposit, show I.D. and proof of residency.

Recycling Bin - Recycling Notice for Town of Quantico


Recycling containers are located on the corner or Virginia Ave. For the residents of the town to bring their recycling materials such as newspapers, magazines, aluminum cans and plastics, etc.

Business Owners

Restaurants and other commercial owners are requested to have their trash hauler provide you with recycling totes to remove beer and other recycling materials.

The recycling containers on Virginia Ave. Are provided by Prince William County Public Works Solid Waste Division for the residents only of the town of Quantico.

Thank you for your cooperation,
  Kevin P. Brown, Mayor

Taxes - There shall be a property tax of $0.25 for each $100.00 of the assessed value of all real estate within the town; such tax being on December 1 of each year. Where this tax is not paid on or before February 1 following, a penalty of ten percent will be assessed. This penalty is not prorated. Interest at ten percent per annum will be added to tax and penalty after June 1.

Businesses - Every person shall apply for a license for each business or profession when engaging in a business in the town if the person has a definite place of business in this jurisdiction; there is no definite place of business anywhere and the person resides in the town; or there is no definite place of business in the town but the person operates amusement machines or is classified as itinerant merchant, peddler, carnival, circus, contractor subject to Code of Virginia 58.1-3715, or public service corporation. A separate license shall be required for each definite place of business and for each business. A person engaged in two or more businesses or professions carried on at the same place of business may elect to obtain one license for all such businesses or professions if all of the following criteria are satisfied.


Prince William County Public Schools


It shall be unlawful for any person under the age of 18 years, from the time the street lights come on until sunrise of the following day, to loiter, loaf, idle, stand around, play in, tarry upon or wander on foot, or to park, idle, wander, tarry or play in or on a vehicle upon around any public place or street or any place open to the public, whether or not on private property, unless engaged in a lawful business, education or religious activity, or unless performing a necessary errand or any other lawful activity for which a good account may be given.


Every person 14 years of age or younger shall wear a protective helmet that at least meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission standard whenever riding or being carried on a bicycle, an electric personal assistive mobility device, or an electric power-assisted bicycle on any highway, sidewalk or public bicycle path. Any parent, guardian, or other legal custodian who knowingly permits his or her child 14 years of age or younger to ride or be carried on a bicycle highway, sidewalk, or public bicycle path without wearing a protective helmet as required by this section shall be guilty of a violation of this section.


Any person who has control of or owns any dog which defecates on the property of another person or on public property shall promptly remove the dog’s excrement and dispose of it in a sanitary manner. A violation of this section is a class 3 misdemeanor.


Electric/Dominion: 1-888-667-3000
Water/Town Hall: 703-640-7411
Gas/Columbia: 1-800-543-8911
Dig with C.A.R.E: 811

United States Post Office

Located at 400 5th Ave. Quantico VA 22134 - Visit Website
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Voting and Libraries

They Represent You 2011 


Monthly Town Council Meetings are held second Thursday at the Lillian Carden Community Center. The center was originally a schoolhouse, first through fourth grades. It is named after Lillian Carden, a teacher and resident of the town. The center is equipped with a playground and basketball court.

Lillian Carden Community Center

Rules And Hours Of Operation For The Playground
  1. Age Limit: Must be less than sixteen (16) years of age.
  2. Time: October - April (7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)
                    May - September (7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.)
  3. No bicycles, no skateboards, no skates, no roller blades, no motor carts.
  4. No pets.
  5. No loud music.
  6. No littering, bottles, etc. - Place trash and litter in receptacles.
  7. This area to be used with adult supervision. No children under five (5) years of age without parent.
  8. Violators prosecuted as trespassers.

Guidelines For Use of the Lillian Carden Community Center
Space at the Community Center is available for community programs and projects Monday through Saturday, from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. This includes social, education, and recreational programs open to residents of the Town. The Center is also available in the evenings and on Sundays for both community programs and private use by the residents of the Town. Private use includes individual functions such as receptions, birthday parties, etc. The fees for the use of the Center are as follows:

Lillian Carden Community Center Rental
Private-Resident: Thirty dollars ($30) per hour, minimum fee one hundred dollars ($100), plus two hundred dollars ($200) deposit. The deposit will be returned if the building is left clean and there are no repairs necessary. The Quantico Town Council reserves the right to waive the fee and/or the deposit for use by residents of low and moderate income.

Space at the Community Center is available for use under the following general conditions:
  1. The Community Center may be reserved for the above described uses subject to space availability.
  2. Groups or individuals reserving the Center must provide adequate supervision of those using the center – especially youth. An adult must be present at all times.
  3. The Center may be used for partisan political activities or for religious services. Reference Executive Order 13279 dated December 12, 2002. Letter dated December 8, 2004 Prince William County, Bill Lake Community Preservation and Development Manager. (Cannot be used for political activities for campaign or office space for government officials).
  4. Alcohol or legally restricted drugs are prohibited anywhere at the Center including inside, on the sidewalks, or in the park areas.
  5. Groups denied use of the building will receive an explanation for the disapproval and will be offered an opportunity to appeal to the Town Council.
  6. The application form must be filled out completely and signed by the individual requesting use of the building, or an authorized representative of the organization making the request.
  7. If the application is accepted, the person or organization making the request will accept responsibility for any damages occurring to the building or its contents.


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